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Throughout this website you will see me recommending a nutritional supplements company called Xtend Life Natural Products. Not only do I recommend them on this site, I also recommend them to friends and family offline too. You might be wondering why I support this company when there are so many other natural products and brands out there to choose from.

While other Xtend Life reviews might recommend the products without any real information to back it up, I have intensively researched, experimented with and reviewed dietary supplements and health products for the better part of a decade. If you have spent any time here reading about the health benefits of vitamins and minerals, you’ll know that the vast majority of health supplements vary drastically in terms of quality, ingredients, effectiveness and cost.

Xtend Life has proven to be one of very few exceptions in the market of natural health and uses superior science and manufacturing processes to deliver products which focus on the right formulations of ingredients and doses. Best of all, they back up their claims with quantifiable scientific data and evidence.

Throughout my research I have discovered a number of truths that most consumers are not aware of and which I believe you should know. I also believe that Xtend Life is the best manufacturer of health products to solve these problems. This review will tell you why I use Xtend Life and why I recommend that you try them for yourself.

Why Xtend Life are the superior choice for health products

Most of the health care products on the market today have been put together with the sole intention of making money. This means misleading advertising campaigns, celebrity endorsements, and cheap, potentially dangerous ingredients used purely to make a larger profit. The sad truth of this is that many people choose these products because of their cheapness and because of the convincing advert with the latest celebrity endorsing it. I know that the vast majority of these products are damaging consumers health rather than enhancing it, which is why I created this site to make people aware of real, natural health.

I have selected the three major differences between Xtend Life Natural Products and other natural health manufacturers which I think set them apart and make them the superior choice for your health.

  1. They manufacture their own products. Almost all of the products you find on the shelves of your local health store have been manufactured by a company other than the one on the label. In fact, many of these products are identical, are made in the same factory and are then sold to different companies who simply place their brand label on it. This would not be a problem if the product contained high quality, premium grade raw ingredients, but this is not the case. Chemicals and additives are used to increase shelf life, lower production costs and make more money from product sales.

    The reason these companies outsource is simple. They want to focus only on the marketing and sales aspect of the natural health business. They also have the ability to make a greater profit because it is cheaper to pay someone else to make your product for you. But this set up also compromises their quality control and ingredient sourcing among other things.

    On the other hand, Xtend Life manufacture their own supplements and products in house using natural raw ingredients of the highest quality. Because of this, they can assure excellent results which is backed up with a 6-month money back guarantee on all of their products. Never compromise your health by choosing a cheap supplement that isn’t made by the company that sells it. This should be your first question when researching a nutritional supplement.

  2. Carefully selected scientific formulations. Many dietary supplement and health brands will tell you that their product is scientifically formulated for optimum results, and some of them use celebrity doctors to endorse the products. And what about the outsourced chemists that formulate products for these brands? What are their qualifications and expertise. Many doctors will have a general knowledge of nutrition, but will not have the extensive neutraceutical and pharmaceutical background necessary to oversea a quality health product.

    Information on the scientists, chemists and specialists that make these products is not available, and even contacting the companies direct does not yield a result. Xtend Life, on the contrary, are proud of their lead chemists and, in particular, their lead chemist and formulator, Prof Dr. A. Munem Daoud Ph.D, M.Sc, N.D.

    With over 30 years of scientific experience in biotechnology and chemistry, 3 published scientific books, 25 scientific research papers, 38 patents and over 170 new pharmaceutical and health supplements formulas to his name, amongst dozens of other skills and credentials that Xtend Life openly highlight on their website, he is without a doubt one of the most qualified doctors in his field. In short, this shows you, the consumer, the level of experience being placed into bringing you the best quality health supplements.

  3. Reasonable and ethical pricing. It goes without saying that every company must make a profit in order to stay in business, but Xtend Life set themselves apart by defining their primary aim as a business to provide you with better health. This is a stark contrast to most nutritional supplements and health brands, who’s primary aim is to market and sell and make as much profit as possible.

    Because Xtend Life are not driven by profit, they can spend more time and energy on creating worthwhile products which give people a better quality of life. Of course, using the kind of natural, raw ingredients needed for better health means they have to charge a slight premium. Cheap brand that lack quality ingredients, good research or proven chemists can afford to sell at rock bottom prices. I guess it all depends on what price you put on health and wellbeing. I know which option I would choose, every single time.

Recommendations for researching your supplement company

As part of this review, I’d like to highlight a number of recommendations for researching health products and manufacturers, using Xtend Life as the example of what to do. No other Xtend Life reviews offer this level of information but I think it is important to see just how they set themselves apart from the competition while at the time giving you the research tools to discover whether Xtend Life is right for you.

This level of knowledge will be essential for choosing a quality supplement manufacturer that will assure you of their quality and effectiveness.

  • Learn to read the label. It might sound simple, but many consumers overlook this task. A proper label should contain the name and address of the company along with a contact number and website where you can request further information. The label should also clearly show the ingredients included and the dose the product contains. These can be verified by asking the company to provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). This confirms the contents of the product and ethical companies such as Xtend Life will always provide one when requested by a customer to do so. Labels are particularly useful for comparing ingredients and quantities against lower quality products. This will really highlight the difference between nutritional supplements.
  • Check that they respond to questions. You want to know that your supplement provider will be there for you and will accomodate any problems, issues or questions you might have. Not only that, but getting a personalized, human response is very important in order to build trust in the company. Regardless of geographical location, you should be made to feel that the company you are purchasing from is local to you. Of all the companies I have contacted in my research, Xtend Life were the quickest to respond, the most friendly, and showed genuine concern for my problem – which they promptly solved. Try sending them a message yourself and see how different they are to profit-hungry brands.
  • Ensure they have a website. In this digital age, every company should have a website to be used as a point of contact. Amazingly, many of the generic health supplement brands do not have a website, or they do but do not provide any information about their products. This is another area that Xtend Life have fully embraced by providing detailed product specifications, along with glossaries and information on every single ingredient they use. Not only that, they provide real testimonials from real people like you and me. This is worth more than any celebrity endorsements where you know they are being paying to tell people it works. A proper health company should have a website which portrays the brand and message that they truly want to help you become healthy. Xtend Life does this, but do their competitors?
  • Look at the recency of the information. Many nutritional supplement and health care manufacturers do not provide updates, relevant news and information relating to your health and well being. This is an oversight that companies such as Xtend Life do not make. Xtend Life reviews manufacturing processes, ingredients, rules and regulations and many other aspects of the natural health market. You only need to look at Xtend Life’s blog to see that their Chairman, Warren Matthews, and Medical Nutritionist, Joanna Maggs, post new articles and information on an almost daily basis. What I really like about their blog is that it isn’t a sell for their products. Quite often they post new pieces of research that you can use for free to simply be healthier. They also make it easy to subscribe, by providing a weekly newsletter which updates you on all blog posts, as well as providing free advice and tips once a month on how to extend your life and live better.
  • Check for free information in special reports and white papers. Any company that is truly dedicated to helping you achieve better health and not just on making profit would provide you with free reports and information on a variety of health related topics. These reports should be limited to supplements alone and should give you practical advice on how to be fitter, eat healthier and live longer. Currently, Xtend Life offers three such reports which provide useful information on weight loss, heart attack prevention and the health benefits of coral calcium. I strongly suggest you read them to further educate yourself on good health and wellness.

Hopefully, as Xtend Life reviews go, this has given you the tools you need to know in order to choose the best possible health product company, as well as highlight why I believe that Xtend Life really do over deliver in every department when it comes to helping you attain good health. You will now be able to make the right decision for you and I know that if you choose Xtend Life you will never look back and be amazed at how great you feel. You will probably wish you found them years ago!

I am completely confident that you can improve your health with Xtend Life products, just as my friends, my family and myself have done. In fact, I am so confident you’ll love Xtend Life that if you don’t like them, not only can you get a refund from Xtend Life, I’ll refund you the entire cost of your order as well! To learn more about Xtend Life and their amazing products, just click here now.

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