Xtend Life Total Balance

Over the last decade I have tried and tested dozens of vitamin supplements and I have not yet come across a supplement that is better than Total Balance by Xtend Life. This review is not intended to sell you the product, as most other Xtend Life Total Balance reviews would do. Instead, I think it is important that you are well informed on precisely what a nutritional supplement should be.

Total Balance is the flagship product – the best – that Xtend Life produce and if you have spent any time on this site you will know that I am a firm believer in their high quality, ethically produced and marketed products.

What is Total Balance?

Total Balance is a dietary supplement which combines vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, anti-oxidants, amino acids, neuronutrients, flavonoids, carotenoids, herbal extracts and important co-factors. When compared to Total Balance, nothing comes close to the comprehensive formulation that Xtend Life have put together.

In fact, Total Balance provides 79 vital nutrients to strengthen your immune system, improve clarity, focus and brain function, as well as fight infection and diseases. Most nutritional supplements simply do not give such a complete nutrient profile, making them inferior to Total Balance.

Why take Xtend Life Total Balance?

There are a number of health benefits provided by Total Balance that both myself and many other users have experienced. These include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Sharp, alert mind
  • Clearer, healthier skin
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Better sleep
  • Rejuvenated sex life
  • Stronger, healthier heart
  • Overall sense of health and wellbeing

What really sets Total Balance apart from the competition

As part of this Xtend Life Total Balance review, I thought it would be useful to highlight specific areas in which Total Balance is better than the competition to give you the tools needed to do your own research and ensure you choose the right product for your health needs.

With that in mind, I have listed below a number of reasons why Total Balance is so much better than ineffective and cheap supplements. This will help you to make an informed decision.

  • Total Balance combines the right vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are not the only supplement your body requires to maintain peak health – minerals and trace nutrients are also required to assist and give our bodies all the fuel they need to fight off illness and disease. These minerals are also required by vitamins to help them function properly in the body. If your vitamin supplement doesn’t have these minerals present, it is effectively useless. The science behind Total Balance understands this and combines the right nutrients to work together for a healthier functioning body.

    Look for a quality multivitamin supplement that contains minerals and trace minerals, amino acids, bioflavanoids, antioxidants and herb extracts to help you maintain excellent health.

  • Xtend Life only use natural ingredients. The level of information and studies highlighting the merits of natural vitamins as opposed to those synthetically produced is overwhelming. You have the choice or product, so be sure to select an all natural variety. Natural vitamin E for example, has been proven in recent research to be more readily usable by your body that its synthetic counterpart, and natural vitamin E remains active in the body for a longer period of time. This indicates that your body is more receptive to vitamins in their natural state, increasing their ability to improve our health.

    Some manufacturers use synthetic versions of these vitamins purely because they are cheaper to produce. Now you know why cheap products do not work as well. Make sure to choose a multivitamin supplement like Total Balance which is made of natural ingredients which will balance your health naturally.

  • Total Balance combines active ingredients. Natural materials operate in harmony, which means that to produce a high quality vitamin supplement, you cannot just add separate ingredients together. The active ingredients need to form a synergy with one another and interact in natural ways to deliver a product without harmful effects.

    Capturing the natural harmony of the ingredients in a vitamin supplement is a task that must be carried out by skilled scientists and nutritionists, like Prof Dr. A. Munem Daoud Ph.D, M.Sc, N.D., so before purchasing any supplement, ensure that the manufacturer has the scientific expertise to produce safe and effective products.

  • Xtend Life follow strict manufacturing guidelines. Because the U.S. supplement industry is so loosely regulated, it can be difficult to choose a good supplement. Some products advertise ineffective active ingredients, while others simply do not contain the ingredients they claim. Worryingly, some of them contain substances that are hazardous to your health.

    Always seek to find a manufacturer that follows GMP guidelines, the highest standard available, and that will ensure manufacturing and quality control procedures have been correctly followed. Another excellent way to find ethical and trustworthy manufacturers are those that offer refunds on unsatisfactory products. Xtend Life offer a 6-month money back guarantee promise.

  • Xtend Life will always provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA). The label on a product is no guarantee of what is actually inside the supplement bottle. For this reason, any vitamin supplement worth investing in will be able to provide a Certificate of Analysis for the product. This is a strong indication that the quality and purity of the active ingredients is high. If any manufacturer does not supply this with every product they sell, choose another brand. Xtend Life provide these for each product they sell to ensure you know exactly what you are consuming.

Xtend Life Total Balance variations

One major concern that many people have over dietary supplements is that different people of different ages will sometimes need different ingredients in completely different doses. Xtend Life solve this problem by providing 7 different variations of their Total Balance product. Whether you are young, old, man, woman or child, they have the perfect blend of nutrients to deliver the kind of health and wellbeing that most people can only hope to have.

  1. Total Balance Women’s – contains an effective blend of specialty nutrients just for women that reduces menopausal symptoms, addresses PMS and improves libido.
  2. Total Balance Women’s Premium – combines all the great value of the standard product with 20 premium nutrients that have powerful anti-aging properties.
  3. Total Balance Men’s – contains an effective blend of specialty nutrients just for men that increases testosterone levels, improves libido and provides prostate health support.
  4. Total Balance Men’s Premium – combines all the great value of the standard product with 20 premium nutrients that have powerful anti-aging properties.
  5. Total Balance Unisex – suitable for men and women of all ages because it contains no hormone balancing herbal extracts.
  6. Total Balance Unisex Premium – combines all the great value of the standard product with 15 premium nutrients that address the five main causes of aging.
  7. Total Balance Children’s – provides natural nourishment and helps maintain your child’s healthy DNA by better enabling it to repair itself.

Hopefully this Total Balance review has given you the tools you need to know in order to choose the best possible vitamin supplement, as well as highlight why I believe that Total Balance contains the most complete blend of nutrients for helping you to attain good health. You will now be able to make the right decision for you and I know that if you try Total Balance for yourself you will never look back and be amazed at how great you feel. You will probably wish you tried it years ago!

I am completely confident that you can improve your health with Xtend Life products, just as my friends, my family and myself have done. In fact, I am so confident you’ll love Xtend Life that if you don’t like them, not only can you get a refund from Xtend Life, I’ll refund you the entire cost of your order as well! To learn more about Xtend Life and their amazing products, just click here now.